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Written by Silvio Mattacchione

This Christmas, in the “spirit of giving”, Stan Gawel is holding this auction that is intended to benefit financially a family that is in need of medical assistance. Stan Gawel has been blessed in many ways and because of these blessings is committed to give back to the community in any way he can.Your support of this auction is greatly appreciated as the proceeds are going to a very worthy cause. For more info on Stan Gawel’ s bird collections and loft, please visit www.stangawellofts.com

It has been quite a long time since I originally met Stan Gawel in Port Perry, I believe, over 20 years ago. It was clear to me, at that time that Stan was one of those persons who is driven to succeed in all facets of life’s journeys. In his personal family life, in his business and professional life and in his recreational activities which in Stan’s case was a truly deep love of racing pigeons. But not just any pigeons and not just sourced from any source. Stan studied familiesof birds, strains and long term performances and based on these criteria he decided what the source of his colony would ultimately be. In time as his professional life and business endeavors flourished Stan was able to truly realize his desire to acquire the finest proven lines of racing pigeons in the world. Sources that are recognized as the pinnacle of our global sport. Yes, Stan was able to purchase exceptional lines worldwide. Stan Gawel, I believe it can be argued, has the largest collection of “original Van Loons” not only in North America but actually in the world. Interesting to take into consideration Mr. VanLoon's own admission that he did not bring any new birds onto his property in over 48 years! Quite an insight if you take the time to consider the implications of these insightful words. As so many fanciers have learned Van Loons are somehow a very key family in producing hi bred vigor when crossing for speed. The Van Loons have, it seems an affinity for Janssen blood and the “Janssen Van Loon” cross is a deadly combination when it comes to exceptional performance. To this end, Stan went to the proverbial source and his Janssen colony houses only original Janssen birds. As it is generally acknowledged, no other strain has had the long term impact that these original Janssen brother pigeons continue to have. Stan’s collection of original Janssens must be considered one of the finest collections in North America today! This is really quite an achievement in its own right!

Being friends with Gaby Vandenabeele, Stan was able to acquire specimens directly from his incredible stock loft. In addition to these three incredible lines Stan has also acquired from Karol Paszek considered by many as the number one in Europe with an incredible two year waiting list for his birds! If all of this was not enough I was stunned to discover that “Polish Prince” is alive and well at the incredible age of 18 and his progeny are still winning across Canada and the USA. Add to these the son of “Black Widow” who has proven himself as a fantastic breeder with his young winning out of hand at the middle distance as well as long distance and you have ONE TRULY UNBELIEVABLE COLLECTION OF SUPERIOR GENETIC MATERIAL!

When recently visiting Stan’s newly redesigned website www.stangawellofts.com I was delighted to discover that it was designed and developed by my good friend Martin Hechanova, an award winning artist/ designer and a racing pigeon fancier.

On behalf of Stan Gawel, and myself, Silvio Mattacchione, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year 2018 !!!





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