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Why-Fly Lofts

Well, folks here we are again at the end of another racing season. We had not too bad of a year. I don’t get around so good any more, so it is time to let some very good stock birds go. The older stock birds have produced me a lot of good young birds over the years and will do the same for anyone. The younger ones have bred good ones too. They will do well in the right hands. This is a chance to get some real top breeders. The young birds off the birds have flown well on the East Course.

I started racing pigeons in 1963 and have had good and bad years. And have been lucky to have my wife, Barb who gives me a lot of hope. She keeps all the pigeon records up to date. There have been times when I thought I knew it all, but I didn’t. There is always something new to learn, no matter the age. We are still going to fly, but with reduced numbers.

We vaccinated all the birds with PMV on Nov. 1st 2018.
Yours in the Sport
Ron Chesney





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