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Dear fellow fanciers;

I have decided to auction off twelve pigeons of my own breeding, most contain some bloodlines that go back to my Oude VOS, who I imported in 1971. Another Dominating sire is Jonge Django. They have proven to be strong and virile and having some of this blood in any pigeon makes them stronger and with the will power to carry on when others give up.

I have won more than my share and decided 3-4 years ago to do as little as I could to prepare my pigeons. They have been raced as natural as one could ever expect. Food is wild birdseed from Costco, plus local grains like barley, wheat , peas and some saflower. There is always some food available to them. I try and give them as much open loft as possible. However, predators stop me from leaving the lofts open 24/7... So normally, open at 8 am and locked in at 6pm....better grains are fed at that evening feeding and they seem to appreciate that and all come in quite orderly. Road training has become one or two tosses for OB's before the first race.....and none during the race season...Birds are sent almost every week. My attempt was and still is to look for a natural racing talent. Find the genetically gifted; not have pigeons race better than their natural ability. Several of these birds have flown many kilometers and deserve a try in a breeding loft. I am making every attempt to cut my numbers down. I feel any or all 12 could be talented breeders. The two latebreds are very special!

Tom Makowecki
Phone 1 780 973 3052 or email: farm@tmakowecki.com





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