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Lot 7. WPG 9146-19 BLK C


New pairing for 2019 combining our inbred family of pure Gaby Vandenabeeles with the successful family of old line Gaby Vandenabeeles from Antoine & Rudi De Saer.


WPG 423-12 BB
.A very reliable racer throughout his career like so many of his brothers and sisters. 423 won 1st Ace Middle Distance in 2014 and had several top 5 finishes throughout his 3 year career. He is off our best pair of Gaby Vandenabeeles. They are a ½ brother and ½ sister mating off a son of the famous “Wittenbuik” - BELG 3050077-93. This is the best breeding cock for Glen Radditz who imported the Gaby’s directly from Gaby Vandenabeele. When we ordered our Gaby’s from him we asked to have 2 off of him, one with a daughter of Bliksem and one with a daughter of Turbo. They are pure Vandenabeeles from Glen Radditz who imported some of the best direct Gaby Vandenabeeles to come to North America. Glen had all his imports as son’s and daughters right of the Champions, Wittenbuik, Picanol, Turbo, Bliksem, Havik, Blue Fideel ect.
These are our BEST GABY's, they all fly and breed excellent!!

They are built a little different, some say not very pretty and they seem to take a year to really mature and fill out properly which is surprising considering they fly so well right from young birds. In the last couple of years I have banded all of their first 2 rounds as my Gold Band Birds as they are a long line of VG front flying brothers & sisters in 10101, 6470, 7495, 2824, 6004, 1604, 1603, 1709, Gold Band 170, 8910 and in 2012 Gold Band 423, and in 2013 Gold Band 427 and WPG 13758. In the past 5 yrs these are the results as young birds alone.
In 2014 423 won 1st Ace Middle Distance in 2014.
In 2013 427 won a very tough 250 mile race by over 50 minutes,
In 2013 13758 was one of my Gold Band Entries, finishing in 8th place in the 5 race series & just 10 pts out of the $$. She won 6 prizes/8 weeks incl. 6th 250 & 13th 250. Has already bred a super youngster & winner in WPG 40787-14 in her first year. And WPG 40721 who was 2x1st as a yearling,
In 2013 we banded a youngbird that was sent to race in the “Oshawa Gold Band Race, number CU-13-Oshawa 13403, this bird went on to finish 3rd overall in points the Oshawa Club racing against approx 500 + birds. Joe Matire raced him as a yearling in 2014 and he was a race winner for Joe. In 2012, 423 was the Gold Band Series Co Money Winner, which is 5 races 3 x 200, 250 and 300, consecutive weeks.
In 2011, 170 was the 2nd Place Gold Band Series Money Winner and the 6th place Ace Young Bird, 8910 his older brother was the 5th place Ace Young Bird. In 2010 WPG 1604-10 was tied for 1st place Ace Young Bird and WPG 1709-10 was 9th place Ace Young Bird in the B series. In 2010 WPG 1604-10 was tied for 1st place Ace Young Bird and WPG 1709-10 was 9th place Ace Young Bird in the B series
In 2009 WPG 6004-09 was the 3rd place Ace Young Bird. They are pure Vandenabeeles from Glen Radditz who imported some of the best direct Gaby Vandenabeeles to come to North America.


BELG 3177962-10 BLK
A direct Antoine & Rudi De Saer. She is a daughter of the famous PERIGIEUX and CORRY mating. Perigueux is a full brother of Den 18 (father de Tours, Bleken), which means he is a son of Geschelpte Limoges (son of 1st Nat. Limoges) x Wittenbuikske (a daughter of the iconic Wittenbuik of Gaby Vandenabeele). Corry was a direct daughter of Turbo (1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’93 and 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’94). Turbo is a full brother of Zoon Kleinen, the sire of ‘t Goedje, Rudi’s top stock hen. A long line of Aces
This extraordinary pair of PERIGIEUX and CORRY are the parents of:
Jessie Bond BE05-3177007: the dam of Bleken JR BE10-3165669, sire of Ace Late Zwarten BE08-3037496: the sire of the incredible supercrack Neymar BE12-3120018. One of the best racers in 2013 and 2014.6th Nat. Limoges, 9th Nat. Gueret, 10th Nat. La Souterraine, 28th Nat. Souillac and many more from 350mls to 460mls.
Zwarten As BE06-3125865: the sire of Zorro BE10-3183604, sire of Falco 3rd Ace Pigeon Allround KBDB 2016
Black Dream BE07-3128450: the dam of Blacke Pedro II BE10-3183606, sire of Finn and Tigro One Eye Blind BE08-3037370: the dam of 8 first prize winners, Black Lola BE10-3155220, the dam of New Jens JR 1st Prov. Ace Long Distance KBDB 2016, 5th Nat. Ace Long Distance KBDB 2016
Blue Angel BE08-3190061: the dam of Rainman BE11-4245800, 1st Nat. St.Vincent 3,161 p. These are Gaby Vandenabeele’s. Perigieux is a grandson DE LIMOGES and WITTEBUIK. Corry is a daughter of TURBO and BLACK BEAUTY. In the early 1990’s Rudi obtained pigeons from almost every champion Gaby Vandenabeele owned. The descendants of KLIENEN, youngsters of TURBO, WITTEBUIK all made a tremendous impact in the De Saer lofts helping develop the loft into an international champion. Rudi and his late father, Antoine, are probably the most successful one day long distance (500 to 800 km) loft in Belgium over the past 11 years. They race the purest old Gaby Vandenabeele family since 1995 when Gaby was at his peak. The De Saers have won more KBDB trophies since 2000 than any loft I know said Claude Rothgeisser.

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