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Lot 13. WPG 9172-19 R C


A nicely built cock off two well bred birds. We combine these lines off our best for the next generation of racers. He has several 1st Ace Long Distance winners throughout his pedigree.


WPG 5169-15
Late bred son of WPG 11826-01 a 1st Ace Long Distance winner and sire of our best long distance racers (se below) & grandfather “6415 Ace Pigeon" a two time 1st Ace Long Distance winner and SUPER breeder.
We have reduced or stopped letting sons and daughters of 11826 as he is getting older, although his sire bred till he was 17 and lived to a ripe age of 25! We now keep most for stock and only let a few go as he continues to fill eggs.
Below are some of 5169’s brothers and sisters. Hens that were flown only as yb’s
1634-10 good yb racer winning 6 prizes in 7 races incl. 4th = 1st 100, 7th = 1st 170, 13th 200, 15th 250 now in stock loft. 1713-10 steady yb racer but later round winning a prize from the 300 and 9th from the 375.
8918-11 a race winner in yb’s
2029-12 a race winner in yb’s.
1633-10 as yb was 2nd =1st 100, 6th =1st 125 and 11th =1st 170 then stopped. As a yearling had 7przs incl. 3rd =1st 300 and 23rd 300. As a 2yr old had 5 przs incl. 1st 400 arriving with his brother 1792-10 taking 1st and 2nd (56 minutes ahead) and in a 300 again arrived with his yearling brother 8919 getting 4th while his brother took 3rd.
1792-10 a late rounder not raced as yb but was steady as a yearling and as a 2yr old won 6th 200, 8th 125 and 2nd 400 (see 1633).
8919-11 as a yb won 4przs in 5 races incl. 12th=1st 125. As yearling won another 4 przs incl. 3rd 300, 20th 300, 7th 300 and was 3rd Ace Yearling and 5th Ace Middle Distance Ace. In 2013, he was 1st 400, 2nd 400 = 1st, (arrived with a loft mate 22 minutes ahead) winning 1st Ace Long Distance and 4th Ace Overall. To win Ace Overall you have to submit your best 6 prizes from short to long and must include races 2 races over 250 and a 400.
He also won 1st Ace Overall Division 6 and 4th Ace Overall Long Distance in the prestigious Racing Pigeon Digest Ace Awards
40760-14 won 2przs as young bird including 6th 235. As yearling won 6 prizes including 4th at 95, 7th =1st at 200, 1st at 300 and 10th Short Distance Ace, 10th Middle Distance Ace, 7th Ace Yearling. As a 2yr old had a rough start but still won 5 prizes including 5th =1st at 125, 5th =1st at 200, 3rd at 400, 6th at 500 and was 2nd Ace Long Distance Overall and 4th Long Distance Ace. 40760 as a widower bred 2 young cocks, WPG 6099-16 and WPG 6100-16. 6099 won a race in the 3 that he was entered in and 6100. As yearlings, 6099 won 5 prizes in 7 races including 5th at 250, 6th at 250, 5th at 250, 10th at 125 and 11th at 235, 1st Ace Yearling and 1st Ace Middle Distance. 6100 was equally as good winning 5 prizes as well including 4th at 250 and 2nd =1st at 250, 2nd Ace Yearling and 2nd ace Middle Distance. 40760’s first young bird bred in 2017 was WPG 7723 and won 4th place in the 2017 Empire Classic Main Race.


WPG 5080-15
Well bred young hen off of what we predict will be one of our next top pairs. 5080 flew well winning 6 prizes as a yb incl. 24th & 9th in a tough 300 and 375 respectively in back to back weeks. She is a full sister to our 2nd best yearling WPG 5132 in 2016. 5132 won a 1st, 2nd =1st and 4th =1st in 5 races. 5080’s sire is WPG 9027-11, 1st Ace Yearling and 1st Ace Middle, as a 2yr old won 4th Ace Long, 7th Ace Overall. As 3yr old won 2nd Ace Long He has raced our tough 400ml station 4 times and has won a top prize every time. As a yearling (not raced as yb) had 7 prizes in the first 7 races and then missed his prize in the last race. He was one of my 2 designated kings almost every week of his 3 year racing career once we passed the 200ml stations. His sire “Thunder” was a 4 x 1st place winner, twice at 376mls. His dam WPG 01-07 was one of the best hens we have ever flown. She had 16przs in 3yrs. Won 1st 200, 4th 375, 5th 450, 5th 250, 1st Overall Ace & 3rd Ace Long.

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