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Stonehedge Loft - Rick Broere

Since acquiring the Empire Classic Triple Crown, I have slowly come to grip with the fact that I will not be able to spend as much time with my own racing lofts as is needed. Therefore, I am cutting down on the number of breeders that I have. I have always said that less is better but I haven't always followed my own advice. My racing loft has grown stronger over the years and now it is time to breed from them. But, parting with the ones you love is not easy. If you see spots on the pedigrees, they’re tear drops. It breaks my heart to see them go.

I have four children left of the original Aarden cock. The old boy now resides in the loft of Gilles Chaloux. Gilles has 12 pair that are his children or grand children. I don't think a man would dedicate that much space to a family if it wasn't important. Two of the birds I have are from the original hen who was one of the most beautiful birds that I ever purchased. Her dad sold for 50.000 Euro and her mom was simply not available for any money. One son, is out of my Noel Pieren hen who is my foundation hen. She breeds winners every year and her children are doing the same. The fourth is from the old cock when mated back to his own daughter. This hen is gorgeous and bred a winner in the first nest.

I have been buying Houbens from Mike Bator. They are gorgeous pigeons, fly well for Mike and I found them to handle the same as my Aardens and Pierens. I was right in doing so. The crosses have proven to me that I am going in the right direction. It is nice watching them come home but a lot more fun when they top the race sheet.

From these birds I have plenty. It is time to buckle down, sell them off and give their children a chance.

Rick Broere





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