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Lot 20. WPG 9187-19 Strawberry MLY C


New pairing for 2019. Full brother to WPG 9008-19 a 2nd Place Winner by 1 second at the 2019 Salem Special 280ml race. Son of WPG 40816-14 a 1st Ace Overall, super racer retired in 2019.


WPG 40816-14 Strawberry MLY
1st Ace Overall Distance, 14 times in the top 10, 10 times in the top 5, Was almost always on the first drop with the winners his whole career, often he would arrive with one or two others but never trapping first. He was an incredibly reliable racer. Was retired to the stock loft in 2019 when it became evident that his son 18098-18 that was born in the widow loft showed the same ability to always be in the first drop but with the exception of trapping first. 40816 is sire of:
WPG 18098-18 was 1st Ace Yearling, 1st Ace Speed Bird, 1st Ace Middle Distance, 4th Ace Overall Distance and was 1st at 95 and 1st at 250.
WPG 9008-19 was 2nd Place Winner by 1 second at the 2019 Salem Special 280 mile race


WPG 40719-14 Strawberry MLY
A very good flying young bird hen who won 5 prizes in 7 races including, 1st at 100, 2nd = 1st at 125 and 5th at a very tough 250. She is off the old line Imbrechts down from Blackie Wienel stock. They are bred the same as our original Imbrechts that were brought in to mate back into our family. 40719 is dam to WPG 9008-19 a 2nd Place Winner by 1 second at the 2019 Salem Special 280ml race
Below are some of her brothers and sisters (8939 and 2078 have already bred winners and Aces) 5957-09, 1st at 125 and 3rd on a tough 375 yb race,
5858-09 1st Ace Yearling, 2nd Ace Middle Distance and had 8 prizes in 8 races as yearling 1619-10 2nd Ace long Distance and 2nd Ace Overall. Was also 2nd 400mls & 7th 400 mls. To win Overall Ace, you have to submit the birds best 6 prizes won, 2 short distance, 2 middle distance (over 235mls) 1- 400mls or longer & 1 more of your choice.
8939-11 who was 1st 200 miles (out in front by 11 minutes) and 2nd = 1st from 100 miles 2078-12 was 2nd = 1st at 375 miles 9 minutes out in front.
40720-14 was sent to the Empire Classic where she won 1st at the Sprint 180. She is a nest sister to 40719
40778-14 won 5 prizes in 7 races as a yearling winning 2=1st 200, 14th 300, 9th 235, 1st 300, 1st Ace Yearling, 2nd Ace Middle Distance

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2019-11-11 02:53:34
$125.00 CAD
2019-11-15 09:16:51
$150.00 CAD
2019-11-17 20:05:34
$175.00 CAD
2019-11-17 20:05:59
$200.00 CAD
2019-11-17 20:06:00
$225.00 CAD

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Country: CANADA


Starting Bid: $125.00

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Last Bidder: Andrzej

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