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  CU-08-APOLLO-9095 henSOLD
2014-10-12 20:09:01 Current Bid:$120.00 Bids:3  
A very good breeding hen bred by Karl F. Von Gardony. See pedigree....

  CU-08-APOLLO-9084 cockSOLD
2014-10-12 20:00:01 Current Bid:$100.00 Bids:1  
This well bred pigeon comes from proven breeders. See pedigree....

  CU-07-MISS-9485 henSOLD
2014-10-12 19:57:01 Current Bid:$110.00 Bids:2  
This 100% Delbar hen comes from the stock loft of Fred King Loft...

  CU-06-UNC-3165 henSOLD
2014-10-12 19:54:01 Current Bid:$100.00 Bids:1  
This hen was an excellent racer with the following results:
1st 361k...

  CU-10-MISS-3517 cockSOLD
2014-10-12 19:36:01 Current Bid:$100.00 Bids:1  
An excellent breeder! He bred:
1st Club 3rd Combine vs...

  CU-07-MISS-10287 henSOLD
2014-10-12 19:27:01 Current Bid:$100.00 Bids:1  
This hen, an excellent racer and breeder, originally from Bill Butterfield, has ...

  AU-12-BIECHE-12595 henSOLD
2014-10-12 19:21:01 Current Bid:$200.00 Bids:1  
A Super hen from a great bloodline. "Magic Maker", "Bold Ruler" and "D...

  AU-12-BIECHE-12273 henSOLD
2014-10-12 19:18:01 Current Bid:$260.00 Bids:4  
An excellent hen from German imports, "ALFON'S PICK" and a direct daughte...

  CU-10-HC-0619 henSOLD
2014-10-12 19:12:01 Current Bid:$120.00 Bids:3  
She is of our old Ikon family, the base of our breeding stock....

  CU-09-HC-0504 henSOLD
2014-10-12 19:09:01 Current Bid:$100.00 Bids:1  
She is a beautiful looking and handling hen. Her young have been very consistent...

  CU-08-HC-406 henSOLD
2014-10-12 19:06:01 Current Bid:$130.00 Bids:4  
This hen has bred some very consistent tough weather birds....

  LOT 7. CU-12-7169 henSOLD
2014-10-05 19:33:02 Current Bid:$425.00 Bids:1  
Direct daughter of (IF-10-PROTEGE-243) KID'S BEST and (CU-10-OAK-067) di...

  Click to enter auctionSOLD
2014-08-31 15:09:01 Current Bid:$.00 Bids:0  
This seller's birds are located in Brighton, Ontario. ...

  CU-12-TD-1808 henSOLD
2014-08-31 15:08:10 Current Bid:$625.00 Bids:13  
CU 1808 TD 2012 is a gorgeous blue bar hen, her sister CU-1834/12 was th...

  CU-13-27594 henSOLD
2014-08-31 15:08:01 Current Bid:$550.00 Bids:9  
This hen is daughter of the 2011 Empire Classic winner at the 310 mil...

  CU-14-JFL.Q-4592 henSOLD
2014-08-31 15:06:01 Current Bid:$150.00 Bids:3  
GR.gr. gr-mother is CU-09-10928 was 6th on the 2nd group of 3 birds ...

  CU-14-JFL.Q-4591 cockSOLD
2014-08-31 15:03:01 Current Bid:$225.00 Bids:6  
GR.gr. gr-mother is CU-09-10928 was 6th on the 2nd group of 3 birds ...

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